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Precious naturals for perfumery

We all love the smell of natural essential oils but can the world sustain our demand for them? Specialised natural ingredients for perfumery such as patchouli, tonka beans and benzoin are produced in exotic countries, often with fragile eco-systems or strong competition for use of land. The challenges are clear.

Our journey to sustainable natural ingredients started in 2007. Since then we have boosted traceability and secured key supply chains for naturals used in perfumery, taking great strides to support communities that grow these crops. We have fostered natural ingredient innovation and forged unique partnerships, taking our expertise and passion right to the source of the ingredients that inspire our perfumers.

We’re directly involved with growers because we strongly believe that we can not only secure better supply, mitigate market volatility, but also improve qualities and increase innovation from naturals. By influencing the market in a positive way and keeping a long-term vision, we bring benefits for our customers and suppliers and help preserve the magic of fragrance for consumers worldwide.

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