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Revealing beauty through nature

It is not new to seek beauty in the natural world... science from nature itself inspires our Cosmetic Actives range that includes a selection of scientifically tested cosmetic benefits, which are among the best that our world has to offer.

In June 2014, we expanded our capabilities in the domain of nature-derived beauty performance  with the addition of French cosmetics company, Soliance, to the Givaudan Cosmetics Actives portfolio. Soliance specialises in active ingredients, derived from vegetable sources, microorganisms and microalgae that deliver noticeable benefits for skin and hair.

The Soliance / Givaudan Cosmetic Actives portfolio of natural and nature-derived cosmetic ingredients offers a range of targeted benefits that are scientifically tested in-vitro and in-vivo for efficacy. Science from nature itself inspires our solutions to the growing demands for moisturising, firming, toning, lifting and freshening functionality for personal care and cosmetic products.

Our dedicated Soliance / Cosmetic Actives team is ready to support product formulators worldwide through a global distribution network.