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Unitamuron™ H-22

The vegetal Hyaluronic Acid
Unitamuron™ H-22 contains an aqueous extract of tamarind seeds (a valorisation of food industry byproducts). This film-forming polysaccharide complex offers a dual action for skin and hair moisturising.

Unititamer™ T-40

UV filter
Unititamer™ T-40 is a physical broad spectrum UV filter.

Unitrienol™ T-27

Hair & Skin sebum normaliser
Unitrienol™ T-27 is a bioactive complex for both dry and oily skin to normalise sebum content, to improve moisturisation and to reduce roughness. Outstanding reduction of oily hair roots with a prolonged effect.


“Vaccinate” your skin against UV
Uvaxine™ is the « vaccine-like » active ingredient to trigger skin’s own defenses against UV irradiations.


DHA for a natural self-tan
Pure Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) powder obtained by fermentation using renewable resources.

Vegetan® FL

DHA for a natural self-tan
Highly pure liquid Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) obtained by fermentation using renewable resources.

Vegetan® FL Creation

Odour control DHA solution
One of the main reasons that puts people off using self-tanners is the smell associated with the tanning process.Vegetan® FL Creation is the active to use to avoid unpleasant odours.

Vegetan® Gold

The first oil compatible DHA
An exclusive technology entraps DHA in a microemulsion and enables to obtain Vegetan® Gold, a "ready to use in oil" DHA.

Vegetan® Life

UV-free hydra-tan
Vegetan® Life is an optimised combination of two active molecules with very similar structures: Glycerone (dihydroxyacetone or DHA) - the cosmetic UV-free self tanning reference and Glycerin - a highly efficient humectant, providing the skin with an amazing self-tanning and moisturising combination.

Vegetan® Premium Plus

Smart self-tanner
Synergistic combination of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and allomelanin-like polymer.