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Vegetan® Evolve

Long-lasting tan enhancer

Vegetan® Evolve is based on erythrulose, which possesses the same properties as DHA, the reference molecule for self-tanning. It takes its origin in white biotechnology, already mastered by Givaudan Active Beauty for the production of the Vegetan® range (DHA). Born in a unique biorefinery platform near to Reims (France), where circular economy is at the heart of business, Vegetan® Evolve enjoys a highly sustainable manufacturing process.


- Colorates the upper skin layers more intensly and darker,
- Provides a natural and water-resistant tan,
- Has a very long-lasting effect. 


Self-tanning product, Glowing product, Good look foundation,  Self-tanning creams, Long-lasting self-tanning, UV-free body tanning lotion.

Origin White (biotechnology)
Regulation INCI China IECIC
Halal certified
Vegan suitable


Associated claims

Long-lasting self-tanning