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Unicontrozon™ C-49

The overall protector against O3

Plant-derived active complex to protect the skin from damages induced by environmental pollutants (ozone).


- Avoid denaturation of proteins
- Maintain enzyme activity
- Protect lipophilic and hydrophilic vitamins (B2, E)
- Protect extra cellular matrix (hyaluronic acid)
- Reduce cell membrane damages
- Protect hair dyes from fading
- Protect sebum composition

Biological targets
Hyaluronic acid, Riboflavin monophosphate, Tocopherol, Erythrocytes, β-Glucosidase, Myoglobin, Hair dyes protection


Protective skin care, "city stress", day care, hair protection shampoo

Origin Green (extraction / green chemistry) Synthesis 
Regulation INCI China compliant


Associated claims

Anti-pollution, Anti-stress / Skin defence, Hair beautifier