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Spherulite™ R-10

Microencapsulated stabilised retinol

The advanced microencapsulation technology of Spherulite™ R10 allows the protection of retinol, a gold standard for skin ageing which influences a variety of cellular processes, in the multi-layered crystalline microcapsules. Its non-ionic nature enables better penetration into the skin where the retinol is slowly released, thus preventing any adverse reactions such as skin irritation.


- Enhances retinol stability in the time,
- Permits a high transcutaneous penetration (up to 30 μm depth) compared to free retinol (in vitro test),
- Decreases of crow’s feet wrinkles and significant improvement of skin texture with smoothing effect in 28 days (clinical test),
- Reduces the volume of nasolabial wrinkles by -37.3% in 56 days (clinical test).


Anti-ageing serums or creams, Anti-ageing products for the reduction of deep wrinkles, Intensive treatments for facial rejuvenation, Nasolabial anti-wrinkles products, Anti-crow’s feet products, Anti-age spots serums, Skincare for mature skin

Origin  Microencapsulation 
Regulation INCI China IECIC
Halal certified


Associated claims

Anti-wrinkles / Reducing fine lines, Collagen booster, Skin lifting, Anti-age spots, Anti-acne