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The sensitive skin good mood influencer 

Sensityl™ is a patent-pending active cosmetic ingredient, originating from microalgae, which significantly positively influences consumers' mood owing to its powerful soothing benefits in only one month.


- Controls of the inflamm'ageing process through epigenetic regulation (IL-8 down to -26% and immune cell recruitment: -33%)
- Decreases the pain sensation (TRPV1 receptors expression -18%)
- Protects the skin anti-bacterial defences (ß-Defensin 2 up to +71%)
- Uplifts consumers’ emotions in a positive way (clinical test)


Every day cream for sensitive skin, feel-good cream, healthy glow lotion, cold cream, after-sun, shampoo, post-epilatory, post-peeling, after-shave

Origin Blue (marine biotechnology)
Regulation INCI China IECIC
Vegan suitable
Cosmos (approval pending)


Associated claims

Soothing/calming, Neuro-soothing, Indirect mood enhancer (through skin calming)