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Questice® Range

Long lasting body responsive cooler

Two references are available:
Questice® Liquidan all-day body responsive coolant & freshener,
Questice® Plus: combining the long-lasting benefits of Questice® Liquid with a menthol immediate delivery for an initial 'cooling burst'.


- Works naturally with your body to keep you cool,
- Releases menthol and creates a non-aggressive cooling sensation.


Deodorants & body sprays, Foot powders, Talc, Moisturisers, Foundations, Gels for tired legs, Aftershave balms, Invigorating shower gels, Shampoos, Sunscreens, After sun products, Anti-dandruff shampoos, Anti-cellulite creams, Cooling lip balms...

Origin Cooling

Questice® Liquid only: Ecocert 
INCI China compliant


Associated claims

Cooling/ Refreshing, Moisturising / Hydrating, Hair beautifier