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PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller

The dermal fillers challenger

PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller is a unique and patent-pending hyaluronic acid (HA) derivative designed to offer a cosmetic alternative to the injectable fillers. It penetrates twice deeper into the skin than standard HA and is resistant to hyaluronidases thanks to its full acetylation, for a longer lifetime in the skin.


- Protects the extracellular matrix by decreasing collagenases production and collagen degradation, even under photo-pollution,
- Restores the antioxidant defences through the sequestosome pathway, helping skin to fight against free radicals,
- Has immediate anti-ageing effects: -9% of crow’s feet wrinkles length in just 1 hour, -26.5% of deep crow’s feet wrinkles number in 6 hours, and long lasting anti-ageing effects: boosting of skin antioxidant capacities, decreasing global number of wrinkles and wrinkled area, and improving skin texture (clinical study).


Anti-ageing serum, Flash anti-ageing cream, Wrinkles reducing essence, Cosmetic wrinkles filler, Anti-ageing night cream, Body anti-ageing lotion, Dermocosmetic product, Skin rejuvenating mist and spray.

Origin Cooling

Vegan suitable


Associated claims

Anti-Wrinkles/ Reducing Fine Lines, Fast wrinkle reduction, Skin texture improvement, Wrinkles filler, Antioxidant, Anti-pollution, UV/ Sun Protection (no SPF) / SPF Booster