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PrimalHyal™ 3K

Multi-power Hyaluronic Acid

PrimalHyal™ 3K is a rich biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid blend able to penetrate into the skin to rejuvenate it from within.


- Stimulates the tight junctions proteins ZO1 and Occludin, limiting TEWL,
- Decreases skin roughness,
- Stimulates β-defensin with a 107-fold overexpression of the DEFB4 gene,
- Improves proliferation and migration of keratinocytes and fibroblasts,
- Stimulates collagen synthesis,
- Improves the hyaluronic acid endogenous production.


Intense rejuvenating cares, Anti-ageing creams, Serums

Origin White (biotechnology)
Regulation INCI China IECIC
Ecocert/Cosmos approved
Halal certified
Vegan suitable


Associated claims

Anti-Ageing, Anti-stress / Skin defence, Moisturising / Hydrating, Regenerating/Repairing/Revitalising