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Adaptogenes Botanical Solutions

The herbarium collection for a well balanced beauty
Adaptogenes Botanical Solutions is a range of several plants which help to protect the body against physical, mental and emotional stress by strengthening the immune system thanks to their stimulant properties. A good mental & physical health for a good skin: Wellness is the new beauty !


The 3D Y reshaper
Coming from plant and activated by biotechnology, Agefinity™ is a biomimetic source of energy which acts on the lower layer of the dermis to reshape the face and the neck (now defined as the “Y zone”).

Appygreen™ 812

Sustainable surfactant
Appygreen™ 812 is a mild and ecological surfactant that improves cleaning and increases the viscosity and foam volume of your formulations. It is the best natural surfactant on the market for boosting the foam of “sulphate-free” formulas.


Powerful skin lightener
Axolight® is a solution rich in arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides obtained by extraction. 

Bamboosilk A

Green & sensory matifier 
Bamboosilk A is a micronised powder rich in natural silicate obtained from Tabasheer, a white female bamboo secretion traditionally used in Indian phytotherapy.

Biogomm'age™ range

High-tech active exfoliation
Based on cellulose, Biogomm'age™ are the first biodegradable skin exfoliating particles featuring Safe-Scrub™ technology and an intense activity.


The sustainable biotech. (-)-α-bisabolol 
BisaboLife™ contains (-)-a-bisabolol, one of the main compound of Matricaria recutita, known as Chamomile, an age-old medicinal herb used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It is well-know for its multiple biological benefits and its highly biodegradability. 


Holistic anti-ageing
BlurHD® is extracted from the fruit of a captivating beauty flower, Gardenia. It is a natural source of a sugar derivative called Crocin, known as a natural food colorant in the Japanese cuisine. Beside being a powerful natural antioxidant, Crocin delivers an anti-ageing activity combining anti-wrinkle effect and skin smoothing.


Skin complexion Bioptimiser
Brightenyl® is a new generation of skin tone and colour modulator molecule, activated by a yet unexplored layer of the skin: the Stratum microbium™. 


Balancing microbiota for mouth health
Bucovia™ is a natural bio-guided fractionated active that effectively supports mouth health by balancing the oral microbiota against opportunistic pathogens, with no biocide activity.