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Muciliance® Fruit

A natural chelating agent

Muciliance® Fruit is a powder of mucic acid obtained from fruit-derived pectins (citrus). Thanks to its potent chelating properties, Muciliance® Fruit is a natural alternative to EDTA that protects the skin from oxidative stress.


Muciliance® Fruit is an antioxidant able to form very stable chemical complexes with cations:
- It sequesters oxidation promoters such as heavy metals.
- It limits lipidic peroxidation.
Thanks to these properties, Muciliance® Fruit protects the skin from environmental aggressions and prevents premature ageing.
It also protects cosmetic products from bacteria proliferation by potently sequestering calcium ions.


Skin protection, anti-ageing products, anti-pollution

Origin Green (extraction / green chemistry)
Regulation INCI China compliant


Associated claims

Anti-pollution, Anti-oxidant