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The upcycled coffee oil for well-ageing

Koffee’Up™ is a new sustainable beauty oil crafted from upcycled Arabica spent coffee grounds with remarkable skin care benefits. Its balance between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids helps the oil to quickly penetrate the skin layers.


- Acts quickly on first signs of ageing,
- Improves antioxydant defense,
- Repairs and protects the skin,
- Strenghtens the skin barrier against external aggressions,
- Helps the skin to stay hydrated.


Face care, Eye care, Anti-ageing products for first-wrinkles and premature ageing

Origin Green (extraction / green chemistry)
Regulation INCI China EICIC


Associated claims

Active oil, Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkles / Reducing Fine Lines, Moisturising / Hydrating, Protecting, Natural, Upcycled