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Karanja Oil

The treasure oil

Karanja Oil comes from the Pongolote seeds, traditionally used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a multifunctional oil rich in flavonoids.


- Has photoprotective properties,
- Acts as a natural antioxidant by absorbing part of UV rays,
- Reinforces the power of synthetic or inorganic filters, 
- Helps to make your formula invisible and less aggressive.


Cream, Lotion, Oil, Massage, Hair care

Origin Green (extraction / green chemistry)
Regulation Ecocert/Cosmos
INCI China compliant


Associated claims

Emollient/Oil, Anti-Ageing, Anti-oxidant, Calming/Soothing, Hair beautifier, Sensory agent, UV / Sun Protection (no SPF) / SPF Booster