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K-phyto™ [SC] Camellia

Rebalancing itchy and flaky scalp

K-phyto™ [SC] Camellia is a powerful active obtained from Camellia phytoplacenta cells culture. It is therefore the perfect ingredient for dry and sensitive scalp applications, rescuing consumers and restoring their comfort and self-confidence.


- Decreases scalp skin dead cells,
- Improves scalp moisturisation,
- Improves scalp soothing.


Shampoo, dry scalp hair lotion, hair moisturising serum, hair conditioner, hair protection lotion, hair tonic for dry scalp, anti-flakes hair treatment, lotion for dry dandruffs treatment. 

Origin green techno   
Regulation INCI China IECIC


Associated claims

Improvement of scalp hydration, reduction of scalp erythema, reduction of scalp skin dead cells and flakes.