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Inoveol® PHLO

The complexion embellisher

Considered as ‘Eden fruit’ since age of times, apple contains the secrecy of youth and beauty through its unique polyphenols. Among those, phlorizin is more particularly recognised for its benefits in cosmetic through its antioxydant capacity and its protective effects for skin. Inoveol® PHLO active is a technology improved version of phloridzin. It acts as a UV free natural enhancer of melanogenesis, with skin matrix protection properties.


Biological targets:
Collagenase (MMP9), Melanin (cAMP, protein kinase C), Interleukin 8 (IL8)


Skin tone enhancing day cream, serum, body lotion

Origin Green (extraction / green chemistry) White (biotechnology) 
Regulation Ecocert, Cosmos


Associated claims

Self-Tanning, Anti-Ageing, Anti-oxidant, Anti-stress / Skin defence, Calming/Soothing, Radiance Enhancing, UV / Sun Protection (no SPF) / SPF Booster