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The strength of a delicate flower for anti-(UV+blue) photoageing

Eliorelys™ significantly improves the skin quality showing signs of photoageing by repairing photo-induced skin damages and by reducing signs of ageing.


- Protects against UVA-induced Reactive Oxygen Species formation,
- Improves barrier function by increasing expressions of ZO-1 and Loricrin,
- Prevents premature UV-induced degradation of collagen fibers,
- Exertes a protective effect against photo-inducted DNA-lesions
- Enhances visibly aspect and texture of the skin demonstrating repairing property.


Anti-ageing (anti-wrinkles) creams and gels, Anti-photoageing lotion and serum, Face and décolleté masks, Eye contour products, Makeup products

Origin Green (extraction / green chemistry)
Regulation INCI China IECIC
Cosmos approved


Associated claims

Protects the skin against photo-induced damages, Prevents from premature photoageing