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Ceramide II / Uniblend™ 2G

Hair strengthener and conditioner

Ceramide II is a nature identical molecule. It is based upon the sphinganines group, which has been identified in natural hair lipids. Ceramide II is also one of the lipids that produce the multilamellar layers of the stratum corneum barrier. These lipids contribute to control water permeability and maintain skin condition without being occlusive.


- Enhances hair softness,
- Reinforces the inter-cuticular cohesion,
- Boosts skin moisturisation.


Skin moisturiser, Lipid barrier rebuilder, Hair strengthener & conditioner

Origin Synthesis
Regulation INCI China IECIC 
Vegan suitable (only for Ceramide II)


Associated claims

Hair beautifier, Damaged hair, Moisturising / Hydrating