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The sustainable biotech. (-)-α-bisabolol 

BisaboLife™ contains (-)-a-bisabolol, one of the main compound of Matricaria recutita, known as Chamomile, an age-old medicinal herb used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It is well-know for its multiple biological benefits and its highly biodegradability. 


- Soothes the skin by inhibating 5-lipoxygenase, IL-1a IL-5a and TNF-a,
- Interfers with ROS,
- Has anti-infective properties,
- Increases bioavailability of molecules,
- Inhibits melanogenesis by lowering intracellular cAMP levels
- Reduces scalp irritation down to -25% in 2 weeks.


Day and night creams for sensitive skin, Cold creams, After-sun, Post-depilatory,Post-peeling, After-shaving, Shampoos for sensitive scalp, Face cleansers, Razor blade strips, Body washes, Bar soaps, Depilatory creams, Perm treatments

Origin White (biotechnology)
Regulation INCI China IECIC
Vegan suitable
Halal certified
Kosher certified


Associated claims

Calming/Soothing, Anti-oxidant, Anti-redness, Hair & Scalp care