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Personalised, customised: Active Beauty inspires customers’ new ideas

Givaudan’s Active Beauty business is made up of a portfolio of own brands, including the most innovative and revolutionary active cosmetic ingredients. The new image for our active cosmetic products not only identifies the ingredients and formulations used, but goes one step further, inspiring customers as to how our products can be used and taken to market.

Givaudan’s newly strengthened active cosmetics business, now called Active Beauty, offers not only the latest active cosmetic ingredients, but also innovative concepts and showcases that divulge our full creative capabilities from R&D to product formulation to marketing. It is in our corporate DNA to go further for customers, providing not only the essential ingredients they require for their beauty formulations, but also presenting new ideas of how to market these products, and inspiration for new products that are not yet on the market.

The products within our active cosmetic ingredients range are marketed in such way as to be ‘more than’ just ingredients or novel formulations. By showing customers how ingredients could be used, or developing entire new beauty rituals, we can showcase the ingredients in a far more valuable and useful way. We then provide marketing suggestions based on our consumer studies and trend monitoring, so customers can tap into what people are looking for and achieve a competitive edge.



We anticipate our customer needs: discover our concepts and showcases

In a similar manner, we have been inspired by Induchem’s legacy of bundling its expertise into cosmetic marketing concepts, creating flexible skin care solutions based on a cutting edge ‘pick and mix’ of formulations and actives. These ‘concept boxes’ meet a range of skin care whether it’s preventing ageing, sun exposure or sebum, or adding moisture and radiance. Ingredients are then formulated and presented in a concept box, which provides customers everything they need to succeed – not only the raw materials, but also the marketing story around the finished product, together with studies to support our ideas, and some key points of differentiation in formulations.

The one-of-a-kind showcases are finished products with a powerful story. Designed to target customer needs by exploring current trends, our carefully crafted showcases contain an assortment of our creative capabilities from our highly skilled R&D teams to our master marketers.

Discover the latest collection of cosmetic concepts and showcases in action.



Introducing the world’s most personal face mask

One such example is a new type of face mask developed by Soliance, now marketed under Givaudan’s Active Beauty business. The instant mask is unlike anything seen on the market as it can be perfectly tailored to the needs of today’s active woman. Customers seeking to develop the mask can choose between a gel or a cream base. This can then be customised with two different actives, from a choice of a possible nine, which offer plumping, brightening, moisturising, anti-polluting, firming, rehydrating, repairing or sebum-controlling properties. The base plus actives is then blended with a revealing dew, to create a highly personalised face mask that responds to a woman’s specific skin care needs.   


What her skin needs: My Skin Rx

The My Skin Rx concept box is completely customisable to a woman’s specific skincare needs: contained in the box is a liquid-gel serum base that can be combined with three possible boosters to create up to seven options for tackling pollution, ageing, stress and irritation.   


Three times the power: S3D® Hydra Defender

This showcase is a finished product designed to fight all issues of hydration. This powerful new hydrating and cooling serum contains five different actives, including a Givaudan-own product, and a light Givaudan fragrance. The fluid blue cream-gel protects skin from ozone damage, to hydrate and cool.