Immerse yourself in the magical world of perfume creation

Givaudan will be making a splash at Somerset House in London this summer as part of an extraordinary new exhibition: ‘Perfume: A sensory journey through contemporary scent’.
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Taking place from 21 June to 17 September 2017, this treasure trove of delights celebrates ten pivotal perfumes from the past two decades by ten inspirational perfume pioneers. Prada’s Purple Rain fragrance by Givaudan perfumer Daniela is included in the star-studded line-up, offering visitors an exclusive insight into our renowned creativity and craftsmanship, as well as our passion for perfumery and the strong relationships we build with our partners around the world.   

A treat for all the senses

Visitors will enjoy a glimpse into the story behind the ten perfumes, which have each pushed the boundaries of fragrance creation in their own way. A series of installations will display visual, auditory and tactile references to the identity and influences of the perfumer, guiding the way through an olfactory voyage of exploration. Visitors are invited to share their personal response to the scents in special note books, adding an interactive element to this sparkling showcase of talent and creativity.

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Dazzling droplets of enchantment

Givaudan perfumer Daniela’s unmistakable fragrances go far beyond simply being exquisite scents. Poetic, vivid, graceful and refined, they reflect her desire to share her vision of beauty with others. Purple Rain, which she created for Prada, is a sensual and seductive reworking of traditional iris perfumes.

“Smell is a way of understanding that nothing is lost,” Daniela, perfumer.   

Meet the experts

Throughout the exhibition, a perfume laboratory will be giving visitors behind-the-scenes access to some of the science, skills, tools and ingredients involved in fragrance creation. Alongside trainee perfumers from Givaudan’s prestigious perfumery school, Givaudan’s expert perfumers will be creating new scents from scratch, offering a unique opportunity to experience this fascinating and multifaceted process at first hand.

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Image and video courtesy of Somerset House