An invitation to find yourself in Selfridges’ Fragrance Lab

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A new way to shop

Selfridges, London, invited people to enjoy a groundbreaking new way to shop for fragrance as part of its Beauty Project in summer, 2014.

In a unique association with Givaudan, The Future Laboratory, and Campaign, the store offered an experience that was as immersive as it was entertaining. Customers were profiled online or in-store and then invited to follow a multi-sensorial audio-guided path that even entered the iconic Selfridges windows.

Concealed from the outside world, they weaved their way through a magical series of interactive zones which analysed their character – be they a modern romanticist or flamboyant provocateur. Led by Fragrance Lab therapists they were presented with a selection of three fragrances according to their personal profiles and, after a private olfactive consultation, their ideal fragrance was revealed.

Reshaping the purchasing process

Reshaping the purchasing process

Anyvonne, Head of Global Consumer Insights, Fine Fragrance together with Givaudan’s Future Laboratory consumer purchasing behaviour experts, jointly developed the intelligence system that identified the individual olfactive preferences.

Selfridges collaboration with Givaudan, The Future Laboratory, a renowned forecasting consultancy and retail design studio Campaign, Fragrance Lab took over the store’s prestigious Concept Store, where extraordinary temporary retail concepts are tested. Frédéric, Creative Director Fine Fragrances, said: “The experience was both lucid and avant-garde. It totally reshaped the purchasing process, with customers given an opportunity to discover their fragrance identity, rather than just acquiring an accessory. They responded to stimuli and questions about their habits, tastes and preferences to develop a personalised service.”

Tailored fragrance

Tailored fragrance

At the end of the journey each participant was presented with a fragrance created by Givaudan perfumers, that reflected their experience in the space. The scent, bottle shape, label and language used to describe the scent that encapsulated their character, was tailored to every element of their personality. Each fragrance came complete with a ‘fragrance prescription’ – a horoscope of sorts – which outlined the key findings gleaned from their olfactive journey and how these influenced the final scent choice.

The Selfridges event offers a tantalising glimpse into the future of in-store retailing perfectly exemplifying how customer habits, preferences and tastes, as well as their physical interaction will be used in the future to develop a personalised service or product. Browsing disappears and an alternative to both in-store and online shopping emerges. The consumer’s physical presence and responses to stimuli and questions form the alchemy of the fragrance and offered a more meaningful, multi-sensory and customised consumer experience.

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The Future Laboratory

Video courtesy of The Future Laboratory; images courtesy of The Future Laboratory, Campaign and Selfridges. Photography by Hufton+Crow