Going skin deep

Active Beauty team launches exciting new virtual reality tool that takes viewers under the skin.

Givaudan’s Active Beauty team is passionate about creativity and technology. Earlier this year, this obsession gave rise to ‘Skin Odyssey’ – a virtual reality experience that wowed customers at the in-cosmetics trade fair. By harnessing this new technology, viewers explore the little-known world under the epidermis and go on a beauty journey that is literally skin deep.

The unveiling of ‘Skin Odyssey’, a 360° virtual reality (VR) film, was a resounding success at in-cosmetics, which took place in Paris, earlier this year. The two-minute film offered never-before-seen scenes of our skin in a way that scientific documentaries or presentations have not achieved. 


Watch the Skin Odyssey 360° video

The video can be enjoyed in a number of different ways:

  • PC/Mac: Press play. Use your mouse to click and drag or click the arrows in the top left corner.

  • iPhone: View the video from the YouTube app and tilt your phone to enjoy the full 360° effects around you.

  • Android: View the video from the YouTube app. If you have a Google Cardboard, click the Cardboard logo and watch the video in stereoscopy.


A close-up view of Givaudan technologies

Rendering the topic of active cosmetic ingredients both educational and entertaining, this engaging animation invites viewers to use 3D glasses and shrink to the microscopic size of a Spherulite™, one of Givaudan’s proprietary encapsulation technologies. As a Spherulite™ we penetrate the epidermis and travel into the extra-cellular matrix, going on a technicolour journey into the skin architecture. From collagen to fibroblast, hyaluronic acid and telocytes, the science of our skin is beautifully brought to life and made easy to understand.


The film, which was initially for industry use only, has now been made publicly available on YouTube. Givaudan Active Beauty Digital Marketing Project Manager, Celia explains the rationale for the film and why the Active Beauty team chose to use VR technology:

“Skin Odyssey makes the subject of skin exciting, as VR brings everything to life. It’s a creative way to show our science to customers! People are naturally fascinated about the human body and we learn what happens to our skin when we age. The film shows exactly how our products can act upon the ageing process. Because the film is easy to understand, it helps our customers too: what is normally a complex topic suddenly becomes accessible to their marketing and sales teams, not just skin scientists.”


Virtual Reality meets the cosmetics world

Skin Odyssey is the first virtual reality tool to launch in the cosmetics industry. Having overcome the most painstaking part of the process, i.e. piecing together source material, scientific footage and imagery, it is now easier to roll out new films for new products. The 3D glasses used to watch the film can be used for the free Skin Odyssey App, as Celia explains:

“Rather than this being a one-off experience, we wanted to share what we have created. Anyone who has the 3D glasses can use the App and experience the Skin Odyssey journey for themselves. We’re pleased to have harnessed this new technology which will open up whole new worlds of learning and creativity that everyone can benefit from.”

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