Stronger, tighter, brighter… Givaudan’s new Active Beauty offering

With newly strengthened in-house capabilities from the Soliance and Induchem aquisitions, Givaudan’s active cosmetics business is looking radiant.
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Section 1

The success of cutting-edge cosmetics that really work depends on the ingredients used to formulate them. These need to be carefully sourced, researched, developed and tested to create products that truly deliver on their promises. In addition to crafting the world’s most beautiful fragrances, Givaudan also brings the world scientifically proven cosmetic benefits. Now, thanks to our recently expanded in-house research business, Givaudan is entering a dynamic new era in this field.

In 2014 and 2015 Givaudan integrated new teams from French cosmetics company Soliance, and Swiss firm, Induchem AG. Privileged to be able to acquire these two renowned, highly respected companies, we now have heightened development and research capabilities in active cosmetics. 

Section 2


New developments in skin and hair care

Both companies bring unique expertise to Givaudan, which, in addition to our own existing research skills, establishes a powerful platform from which to offer men and women new developments in skin care and hair care, with the rejuvenating, moisturising, toning, firming, tanning and illuminating properties that we all desire, to look our best.

Soliance is renowned for its high valued-added natural ingredients that are derived from 100% vegetable origin. In particular, the Company harnesses bioscience for fermentation, bioconversion, plant fractionation, green chemistry, bio-vectorisation, and marine micro-algae cultures for advanced cosmetics. Examples include the natural molecules for DHA, used in today’s highly popular self-tanning creams, and hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a key component of anti-ageing creams. 

Section 3


Soliance and Induchem deepen expertise

This knowledge is complemented by new capabilities brought to Givaudan by Induchem AG, whose expertise lies in the design of highly potent active ingredients, 3D carrier systems and ingredients such as exfoliants, polymers and additives, as well as technologies to develop ‘next generation’ cosmetics that can be customised contingent on customer needs.

Additionally, Givaudan is adopting Induchem’s strong marketing experience and its exclusive R&D skills provided by its French biotech subsidiary, Libragen; this will help drive future growth in biocatalysis, metagenomics and biochemical synthesis.    

Customers benefit from investment

It is the aim of Givaudan to be a key player in the active cosmetic ingredients market by 2020. We strive to meet the needs of customers who are looking for high-performance products that are ethically and sustainably produced, which is the shared heritage of Soliance, Induchem and Givaudan combined.

“Our recent investment in the active cosmetics business means we are well positioned to provide a wide range of products and roll out formidable know-how for skin care and hair care… these are very exciting times.”