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Givaudan’s heritage in natural ingredients is rooted in a longstanding tradition of exploration and discovery. For us, the world is a deep source of inspiration. Our holistic approach from nature to creation is grounded in a profound understanding of sourcing, natural extraction and cooking techniques. We are your natural partner to create food and drinks that delight consumers’ senses.

Natural ingredients  


Our heritage is built on natural ingredients

Discovering our planet’s finest ingredients is part of our heritage, a legacy from our pioneering scientist, Dr Ernest Guenther, and his voyages of exploration in the 1930s and ‘40s. Today, our experts still travel the globe to explore raw materials at source and our flavourists continue their quest to offer you an ever-evolving selection of new, natural taste solutions.
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Dedicated to research in natural solutions

We invest in both, scientific and culinary research to bring you more from nature. In fact, over 90% of our science and technology resources in Flavours are dedicated to ongoing research in natural solutions. 

90% of Givaudan’s innovation resources are dedicated to ongoing research  in naturals

Our Givaudan’s Chef’s Council programme provides fascinating insights and inspiration for future directions largely focused on naturals. We use natural processes, including kitchen processes, natural conversion methods, fermentation, isolation methods and bioscience to produce our world-class range.
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Consumer understanding and trend programmes


Globally 47% of consumers would be encouraged to buy food and drinks with the claim: contains natural ingredients

Consumers, and understanding their needs and desires, are at the heart of our approach to flavours. Our global research teams track trends, conduct ethnographic studies and carry out detailed qualitative and quantitative research to understand consumers and inspire the next innovation.

Globally 47% of consumers would be encouraged to buy food and drinks with the claim: contains natural ingredients, and in general, products with natural ingredients are perceived to be healthier and of better quality than more highly processed products.

    Our unique FlavourVision® and consumer insight programmes enable us to gather data about attitudes and behaviours across different geographies.
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    Naturals portfolio

    Our knowledge, skills and portfolio help our customers keep up with the pace of changing consumer demands. We offer you the best from Givaudan, Activ, Spicetec and Vika to create delicious, clean and clear label food and beverages – and we are continually developing new solutions.

    We have broadened our palette of extracts and kitchen ingredients to include a large range of spices, seasoning blends, botanicals, meat and seafood extracts, natural dairy and savoury solutions, cheese powders, fonds, stocks, glaces and marinades. Many of these products are organic certified.

    Working with you to bring you the best solutions from nature, we can help you meet the labelling needs for your brand and consumer target.


    Parsley in bowl


    Sourcing for Shared Value

    As the largest global buyer of raw materials in the flavour industry, we take security of supply very seriously. We work tirelessly to ensure competitiveness and sustainability. 
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    Vanilla beans on a plate

    Wherever possible, we source directly from producers, developing exclusive farming partnerships and collection networks. In partnership with local suppliers and NGOs, we also implement social and environmental projects that support the communities from which we source.

    These types of projects are part of our Sourcing for Shared Value approach, contributing to the livelihoods of local producer communities and to improving traceability. For example, vanilla beans from Madagascar can be traced to the fields where they were grown.
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      Ensuring the highest standards of regulatory compliance

      Food safety and regulatory assurance are our top priority and we pride ourselves on understanding regulations and providing support in local and global markets. Our 120 product safety and regulatory experts, with knowledge of all facets of flavour regulations and certifications, as well as kitchen ingredients, will help you navigate the complexities and stay ahead of the competition.

      Working together to bring you the best solutions from nature

      Natural, sustainable and of the highest quality, Givaudan’s natural solutions will inspire the senses, delight consumers and drive brand preference.

      Givaudan, your natural partner.