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TasteTrek® Citrus in the round

Now, thanks to virtual reality, you don't have to travel thousands of miles to get a true view of how we bring citrus flavours to the world.

Givaudan has created a 360° video, which brings to life the experience of exploring the citrus groves of our TasteTrek® Citrus programme – now celebrating its tenth year.

Variety without limits

Citrus is both a flavour favourite and a nutritious staple at the heart of people’s daily diet across the world. That’s why our customers look to Givaudan to continuously innovate in this area, helping them to develop new products with an ever-evolving palette of citrus flavours.

Givaudan partners with renowned citrus collections in the USA, Italy and Brazil. The TasteTrek® Citrus programme also takes Givaudan experts to Argentina, China, India and Japan – all in the name of discovering unique, unusual citrus varieties for customer commercialisation.



Givaudan’s decade of citrus discovery

Launched in 2006, with the renowned University of California Riverside (UCR) Citrus Variety Collection, the programme has broadened to include established partnerships with the ‘Sylvio Moreira Citrus Center’, part of the Agronomic Institute of Campinas – IAC in São Paolo, Brazil, home to over 1,000 citrus varieties. In Italy, Givaudan has introduced customers to the ‘Oscar Tintori Collection’ in Tuscany, which itself boasts over 300 varieties of citrus plants.

Every year, TasteTrek® Citrus embarks on sensorial adventures that inspire both our customers and experts alike. However, not all of our customers have the opportunity to travel with us in person to see first-hand the wonder of discovery in our partners’ citrus groves.

Click and trek wherever you are

That’s why we’ve created the TasteTrek® Citrus 360° video. This groundbreaking audiovisual technology opens up a virtual world of exploration, and offers a variety of different viewing options.

For the most immersive experience the video has been optimised for the Samsung Oculus virtual reality viewer. When used with a Google Cardboard viewer this puts you right at the heart of our partners’ citrus groves, thanks to its ‘stereoscopic’ imaging – true virtual reality. We’ll also be offering customers complementary explanations of what they’re seeing, in some cases with samples that bring the aromas and flavours of TasteTrek® Citrus to life, to really ‘take them there’, in every sense.



Watch the Citrus 360° video

The video can be enjoyed in a number of different ways:

  • PC/Mac: Press play. Use your mouse to click and drag or click the arrows in the top left corner.

  • iPhone: View the video from the YouTube app and tilt your phone to enjoy the full 360° effects around you.

  • Android: View the video from the YouTube app. If you have a Google Cardboard, click the Cardboard logo and watch the video in stereoscopy.

Just sit back and click and let the citrus in, wherever you might be.