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Serving up inspiration

Our ability to create new flavours combines insight and inspiration with science and technology. We take thousands of different approaches to developing solutions that surprise and delight consumers, and a primary means of inspiration comes from the very highest end of global cuisine. Put simply, to get to the source of the best flavours, we work with the world’s best chefs. That’s why Givaudan’s Chef’s Council was established, achieving much since its inception over a decade ago.

“Too many cooks spoil the broth”, goes the old saying. We beg to differ. Givaudan’s Chef’s Council assembles some of the world’s most respected and renowned chefs, enabling us to gain a direct line into developing culinary trends from across the world: our panel of leading restaurant chefs are at the cutting edge of haute cuisine, dedicated to serving up new experiences in the pursuit of taste perfection – just like Givaudan.

Creative inspirations

Givaudan’s Chef's Council allows us to distill a number of culinary aims that help to set the course for future flavour creation. Givaudan’s Chef’s Council demonstrates our forward-thinking mentality, insatiable quest for inspiration from the real world and our culinary expertise. The programme also provides true creative inspiration for our own chefs and flavourists, helping us to develop new concepts for customers. Finally, it acts as a starting point for areas of exploration for our Science and Technology team.

From council to concept

A good illustration of how Givaudan’s Chef’s Council can trigger an avenue of research and product development is the groundbreaking innovation that came out of our Givaudan’s Chef’s Council event held in 2010 in Hong Kong. Here we set out to better understand the two Japanese culinary concepts of ‘Umami’ and ‘Kokumi’ and their relevance to cuisines globally. After the event, we went through the findings in order to explore these concepts of richness in greater depth. Ultimately, this led to TasteSolutions® Richness helping convenience foods to carry the authentic tastes of home cooking.
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An international programme of events

TasteSolutions® Richness was publicly launched in 2014 at the most recent Givaudan’s Chef’s Council event held in New York, which had its own distinctive theme of bringing the freshly prepared eating experience to convenience foods. In addition to New York we have also hosted Givaudan’s Chef’s Council events in Napa Valley, Barcelona, and of course, Hong Kong. Each Givaudan’s Chef’s Council event has a specific focus area, stemming from consumer desires, which we would like to explore further.

A catalyst for innovation

The week itself is full of energy and activity, but Givaudan’s Chef’s Council is really a starting point for a long journey of review, research and refinement. Back at Givaudan’s many sites across the globe, our cross-functional teams use the outcomes of each Givaudan’s Chef’s Council to create new concepts. We identify exciting areas for scientific exploration, in order to give our customers surprising solutions to take to market, delighting consumers hungry for new experiences.

Givaudan’s Chef’s Council is not an end in itself but a catalyst for inspiration, drawing our scientific community down avenues of innovation. It is just one way in which Givaudan realises the future of flavours, engaging world famous chefs to bring our customers the best savoury flavours.

Some of the leading chefs who have worked with us on Givaudan’s Chef’s Council:

Alex Atala (D.O.M. Restaurant) São Paulo, Brazil
Alex Stupak (Empellón Cocina) New York, USA
Alvin Leung (Bo Innovation) Hong Kong, China
Andrea Blanco Prieto (La Gaia) Cuernavaca, Mexico
André Chiang (André) Singapore
Atul Kochhar (Benaras) London, UK
Barry Lim (OZO Wesely) Hong Kong, China
Beau MacMillan (Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain) Arizona, USA
Daniel Holzman (The Meatball Shop) New York, USA
Flavio Solórzano (El Señorio de Sulco) Lima, Peru
Giancarlo Perbellini (Ristorante Perbellini) Verona, Italy
Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca (El Celler de Can Roca) Girona, Spain
Patrick Lassaque (Wynn Hotel) Las Vegas, USA
Paul Virant (Vie Restaurant and Perennial Virant) Chicago, USA
Wylie Dufresne (wd-50 and Alder) New York, USA