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Delighting consumers with TasteSolutions® Sweetness

Sugar reduction is one of the most important challenges facing the food and beverage industry, but is also an opportunity to explore new directions and to surprise consumers with new innovations. Givaudan’s TasteSolutions® Sweetness programme delves deep into the science behind sugar to analyse its unique taste, mouthfeel and aroma at molecular level, and then find great alternatives.



Sugar reduction drivers

Sugar reduction is partly driven by rising obesity levels and consumers’ desire for healthier products, but there are many other factors at play too. Government sugar tax initiatives can force manufacturers to rethink their portfolios, as can economics: in some regions, sugar is being replaced with less expensive artificial sweeteners to keep products affordable. We understand that different sugar reduction scenarios require different solutions, and ours are the most comprehensive in the industry.

TasteSolutions® Sweetness: Envision the future of taste with us

Less sugar still delivers full enjoyment

A sweet future for sugar reduction

For over a decade, Givaudan’s FlavourVision® programme has been helping customers keep track of consumer trends and develop their product concepts and flavours accordingly. Sugar reduction is one of the most important challenges facing the food and beverage industry today.

TasteSolutions® Sweetness: Predicting the future of sugar reduction



Going beyond sugar replacement

Our solutions have been developed by taste and sensory experts and are based on extensive research around three key factors:

Minimising sugar while maximising taste

Why sugar reduction might be important to you and your consumers

Consumer thinking around sugar reduction is more complex than simply ‘less is better’. You may have a legacy brand that your core consumer has been using for years. They’d like to see less sugar on the label, but not if that involves a major change in the taste of the product. Maybe your target consumer prefers to purchase natural products, or maybe they prioritise the lowest possible calories. Taste is always the bottom line, but different consumer groups – for example young millennials – have distinct perspectives on what represents a great taste experience. Our solutions recognise that these different scenarios require different approaches.

Working together

Whatever your motivations for sugar reduction, we will help you discover and adapt to the latest trends in this rapidly changing environment and prepare your product portfolio for a successful future.