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Facilitators are naturally solution-orientated people that are inspired to get things done. Join us and ensure the smooth running of our business, day-to-day.


Our facilitator teams


Human Resources

Help us stay at the forefront of the flavour and fragrance industry by harnessing your expertise in recruitment, talent development and talent management.
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Regulatory Affairs

Without regulatory expertise, our products cannot go to market. These teams are at the forefront of legislative changes, guiding how they impact our industry and more importantly, our customers.
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Our pricing organisations ensure proactive partnerships among all key stakeholders to sell our products at a competitive price. They provide our commercial teams with the information they need to ensure positive customer relationships.
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Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

A safe and healthy environment for all employees is our priority. Our EHS teams oversee behavioural safety programmes and drive a safety culture that contributes to the sustainable health of our company.
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Béatrice, Site Purchasing Manager, France

Whatever the company needs, from packaging to smelling strips, Béatrice purchases it, drawing on her deep knowledge of supply, costs and markets.

Béatrice, Site Purchasing Manager

“Because I work on so many different types of projects, sometimes across the world, I am continually learning and understanding different cultures, countries and the various needs that each division has. I don’t need to move sites to gain new experiences – my role expands with each new project!

“Teamwork has defined my career. In purchasing you don’t work alone: our job is to respond to a need, whether of an individual, a manager, or a region. It’s a constant dialogue.

“I love the smell and taste of vanilla, whether in a scented candle or an ice cream! I’m lucky that my brother is a pastry chef and when he makes flans or cakes, he adds an extra dose of vanilla just for me.