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Creators love the challenge of new scents and tastes. Join us and surprise consumers with your pioneering ideas and novel concepts.


Our creator teams


Flavour creation
Like 21st Century explorers, the mission of our flavour creation teams is to develop new and innovative flavours that can liven up the everyday world to make it a richer, tastier place.
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A niche vocation at the crossroads of art and science, our perfumery teams collaborate to create moments of delight to be enjoyed in people’s homes and lives every day.
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Flavours and fragrance application
Our application experts test tastes and scents for beverages, laundry products and everything in between. They ensure we select the optimal flavours and fragrances for exciting customer projects.
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Science and technology
The next great solution is in your hands. We rely on our scientists and technologists to develop, improve and support new, commercially successful flavour or fragrance molecules, performance systems and tools.
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James, Flavourist, Switzerland


Through joining Givaudan’s Trainee Flavourist programme, I’ve had opportunities to work in Spain, Switzerland and the UK. I’ve always loved flavours and even as a child loved to create potions… maybe that’s what led me to do a PhD in Flavour Science!

My job lets me express my creative and scientific side. I’m here to create delicious things.  

My job is deeply connected to who I am. Every single memory I have is linked to an scent of some kind. In particular, the memory of a Catalan drink called Horchata. It’s a creamy, nutty vanilla beverage and the smell of it will always remind me of Spain, and the friendliness of the Givaudan people there. 


Olivier, Creative Fragrance Director, France

Olivier describes stepping into the office as embarking on a new adventure with tons of variety and discovery on a daily basis.