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Connectors have an amazing talent for bringing projects, plans and people together. Join us and translate consumers’ desires into marketable solutions.


Our connector teams


Sales and Commercial
If you’re hungry to work with the flavour and fragrance industry leader, come and be part of our sales teams to provide the best possible solutions to our customers’ challenges.
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Marketing and Consumer Understanding
With a deep understanding of consumers, trends and markets, we look to these teams to demonstrate their creative sides to spot new opportunities in the market.
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As an olfactive development specialist, the evaluation team’s realm is the sensory world. They guide perfumers in their quest for winning fragrances and solutions that touch and delight people all over the world, every day.
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At the forefront of sensory advancement, this team maintains cutting-edge standards. They push the frontiers of flavours and fragrance development as they investigate and implement sensory testing methods and provide invaluable insights to our creators.
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Kate, Management Associate, Singapore

It was love at first sight when Kate met Givaudan at an Open House in Thailand. The rest is history!

Kate, Management Associate

“I’m mid-way through the International Management Trainee Programme and since joining, I have definitely become more curious. If I’m in a supermarket, I open and smell all the products, to put myself in the shoes of the consumer.  I am starting to understand what they’re buying, what scents they’re attracted to, and why.

“When I spray a scent, it doesn’t just make me feel good: it awakens my senses and makes me feel alive! I feel very proud and flattered to be part of an organisation that helps create that moment.

“When I was a child, my grandmother would rub kaffir lime juice on my hair to make it shiny. When I smell it now, I am instantly transported to that carefree time with her, as a child.”



Eduardo, Account Manager Fragrances, Brazil

Even as a recent employee, Eduardo has already made an impact, training colleagues across Latin America on project software, and looking after new interns.

“People are the best part of my job. I’m in a very young, creative team: there’s a healthy competitive spirit, but everyone is aiming for the same goal and is always ready to help you. When you’re starting out on your career, being in this kind of supportive environment is very important.

“I’m learning all the time: it’s like school! I currently only manage small accounts but I treat each one as if it was the biggest project of my life.

“I love the smell of cut grass. It takes me back to when I was a child and used to visit a small farm for the summer. It reminds me of holidays and simply makes me feel warm and comfortable.”