• Meet Lara, former Operations trainee
  • Passionate about fragrances
  • Trainee programme
Meet Lara, former Operations trainee

We recognise the immense value of students and recent graduates: although you may not hold much business experience, you make up for it with an abundance of new ideas, innovative approaches and fresh perspectives.

Meet Lara, former Operations trainee  

“Right from the beginning, I felt I had a lot of responsibility. I’ve never felt held back and I always felt that my ideas were taken seriously. Every day is completely different, every few months I feel like I have a completely new job! It has been exciting!”

Watch the video to get a feeling on her experience.


Passionate about fragrances

Are you highly creative, both scientific and artistic, great at interpreting data but above all passionate about fragrances? 

Discover the role of ‘evaluation’ which is key in our industry.


Trainee programme

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to join Givaudan as a fresh grad?  Alice shares her impressions as she successfully completed a ‘Trainee programme’.

“A trainee programme @Givaudan allows you to explore two to three different roles over a couple of years. It’s a real chance to gain significant field expertise, an insight of what a job really is and some exposure as well.”