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If flavours and fragrances already seems like an appetising industry, you may have the drive and dreams to join us on a Graduate Trainee programme. With a limited number of 30 places available every year, it’s also a chance to prove you’re among the cream of the crop.


James, Flavourist, Switzerland


“Through joining Givaudan’s Trainee Flavourist programme, I’ve had opportunities to work in Spain, Switzerland and the UK. I’ve always loved flavours and even as a child loved to create potions… maybe that’s what led me to do a PhD in Flavour Science!

My job lets me express my creative and scientific side. I’m here to create delicious things.

My job is deeply connected to who I am. Every single memory I have is linked to a scent of some kind. In particular, the memory of a Valencian drink called Horchata. It’s a creamy, nutty vanilla beverage and the smell of it will always remind me of Spain, and the friendliness of the Givaudan people there.”

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Katja, Creative Fragrance Manager, France


“I’ve been with the company for many years, so this helps me to find out what will be the next fragrance and product trends. I’m very inspired by my work environment and my interest in other product segments.

There are so many nationalities at Givaudan, which makes it a diverse place to work. I also get to collaborate on a wide variety of projects, so I feel very privileged.

I’m from Germany: I now live in Paris, where my child was born. The scent of a particular French baby product deeply reminds me of when my child was a baby, and I love it.”

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Maxence, Perfumer, France


“It was my dream to become a perfumer. I started at Givaudan on a summer placement before attending the Givaudan Perfumery School. My job is my passion; it is fascinating. I am typically involved in 10 different projects a day, developing 20 to 30 different fragrances.

By working across all regions I get a constant stream of fresh ideas and always know what people like around the world.

L’Heure Bleu by Guerlain has a strong emotional connection for me. It reminds me of the magical anticipation of Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ in Marseille.”

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Tim, Account Executive, China


“I trained as a Management Associate with Givaudan in China. My job gives me a much more analytical view of food products. I consider whether the flavour is a good one and I’ll observe what else is in the category. I love to analyse what customers want and knowing what will sell well, what works – and why.

I feel proud telling people what I do; I explain that it’s because of the flavours that drinks and snacks taste good, and I always point out the Givaudan products in the supermarket!

When I was studying I’d play basketball to relax. After a good game we’d dig into packets of instant noodles; although they weren’t gourmet, the taste of hong shao beef still reminds me of those fun times.”

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Matthew, Process Engineer, USA


“I have recently completed Givaudan’s Operations Leadership programme in North America, which has given me a well-rounded understanding of Givaudan’s entire supply chain.

This programme gives you the opportunity to try different things and figure out what you want to do before jumping straight into a job you might not like.

In my new role, I have to get orders out the door and work to short lead times: it makes things fast-paced and interesting. No day is the same... it's everything I hoped for.

Working in Flavours means I’m attuned to my senses, and the smell of cinnamon gets me every time. It reminds me of being with my family back home in Arizona during the holiday season.”

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