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Embrace a culture of continuous learning

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Embrace a culture
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Learn new skills, turn them into concrete actions and enjoy the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. From fresh grads to senior professionals, everyone at Givaudan can benefit from a variety of dedicated learning and development programmes throughout their entire career.

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Learn and grow opportunities
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Onboarding: Get that sense of belonging from Day One

New joiners can feel ‘at home’ right away. Our onboarding programme is an immersive experience in all aspects of the business. It is also the opportunity to network with peers and subject matters experts, to get to know Givaudan as well as to discover more about the site you will be working from.



Mentoring: Benefit from development opportunities through an extended network

Our mentoring programme enables mentees and mentors from different areas of the business to connect, collaborate and learn from each other and extend their network.


Quality conversations

Quality conversations: Communicate with confidence

The quality conversations approach will help you be comfortable and confident having important conversations at work in an authentic and useful way, including how to set mutual expectations, deliver feedback well and having inspiring conversations to build your career.


360° feedback

360° feedback: Discover your personal working style

The 360 degree feedback development tool allows you to gain a thorough understanding as to ‘how you show up’ at work and the impact you have on others. This deep-dive development tool will help you to build upon the skills and behaviours that will contribute to your success.

Academies and masterclasses

Academies and masterclasses: Become an expert in your field

Academies and masterclasses are functional training and networking opportunities. Learn the latest techniques, technologies and/or materials used in your field; and enjoy applying this knowledge on a day-to-day basis.

Online learning

Online learning and class trainings: Extend your skill set

From storytelling to project management, our global learning catalogue offers you more than 500 different learning opportunities, using both classroom and digital learning. Enhance your communication skills, make powerful presentations and easily drive engagement around a common project work.

Leadership senses

Leadership Senses: A unique journey to become an inspirational leader

The Leadership Senses suite of programmes are designed by Givaudan for Givaudan to help our leaders be the best they can be. They are challenging and inspiring, offering participants the opportunity to experiment with new ways of thinking and working. The five programmes: ‘Discover’, ‘Begin’, ‘Grow’, ‘Evolve’ & ‘Enhance’ will guide you at every step of the way to becoming a great leader.

Discover job opportunities