Meet Romina
Record-to-Report Lead

Record-to-Report Lead


  • Studied for her Public Accountant degree at the UNLZ University in Buenos Aires.

  • Began her career at Givaudan in January 2012 as a Record-to-Report Senior Analyst.

  • After being promoted to Team Leader in 2013 and then to Manager in 2015, she became the Record-to-Report Lead in September 2016.

  • In June 2017, she began a one-year assignment at Givaudan’s global headquarters in Switzerland.

“Building trust is a big part of the job. We work with all of the local teams in the region - Argentina, Peru, Guatemala Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and the USA - and we have to show that we can deliver good results, despite the distance. As you build that trust, you really start to feel that you are part of one big team, and I have seen real friendships develop over time.

“It is a very collaborative environment. Everyone enjoys working here because they feel comfortable and respected - and because they are happy, they deliver good results.

 “I had the opportunity to work at the head office in Vernier, Switzerland for one year to cover a colleague’s maternity leave starting in June 2017. It is a great opportunity to get a global perspective on the work that is done in Givaudan, and have a truly international career.”

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