Meet Ignacio
Procure-to-Pay Team Leader

Procure-to-Pay Team Leader


  • Public Accountant degree from Buenos Aires University, with a further degree in Business Management. 

  • Began his career at Givaudan as a Senior P2P (Procure-to-Pay) Analyst for Brazil in April 2012. One year later, he became the Senior Analyst for Colombia and Mexico.

  • In 2014 he became P2P Team Leader for Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico), managing a team of 13 people.

“The management is very welcoming and respects all employees - that is the first thing I noticed when I joined Givaudan. You can exchange opinions as an equal member of the team. I never experienced that in any company that I worked at before.

“As Team Leader, I have the opportunity to travel to different sites around Latin America. I always try to give my team members the opportunity to join me so that they are able to meet the people they talk to every day via email or telephone, because I think that it creates a better working relationship between my team and the local staff.

“There are a lot of opportunities to grow and improve your skills at Givaudan, from language classes to professional development courses. Givaudan gave me the funding I needed to do my postgraduate studies in Business Management, which helped me prepare for my role as P2P Team Leader. Now I have more tools to support my team.” 

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