Inspiring Tomorrow’s Flavours

How do you stir creativity, foster innovation, push the boundaries of culinary art and create new concepts all at once? Try putting a group of some of the hottest restaurant chefs in the world into a kitchen for a week along with chefs and flavourists from Givaudan. What comes out can be simply amazing.

ChefsCouncil™ is a diverse and global team of culinary and flavour experts who focus on food trends, stimulate creativity and enhance innovation in the development of new culinary ideas and concepts. A rotating panel of highly regarded restaurant chefs, Givaudan's in-house chefs and flavourists, the ChefsCouncil™ is a powerful mix of top-level food and flavour experts from across the globe.

For over a decade Givaudan has been running the ChefsCouncil™. From Napa Valley to Hong Kong, Barcelona to Cincinnati, we have spanned the globe and touched on some of the most important and relevant subjects in the world of food and flavour.

Bringing together the collective creativity and passion of chefs, flavourists and research scientists provides an ideal forum to create inspiring new concepts for our customers' food and beverage brands. In fact, our goal is to craft the flavours of tomorrow.

ChefsCouncil™ New York continues this tradition starting 23 June 2014.