Tonka bean is a precious, wild grown natural raw material used in various luxury fine fragrances due to its surprising profound warm and sweet note, reminiscent of caramel, almond and tobacco. Venezuela is one of the two main producers of tonka beans globally.

An exclusive agreement was signed in March 2007 between Givaudan and Conservation International, an international non-profit organisation, to support a project ensuring forest conservation while supporting local livelihoods in the lower Caura Basin area of Venezuela.

Through this agreement, local communities receive technical and productivity assistance in exchange for their commitment to preserving 88,000 ha of forest and the flora and fauna in them. This also leads to a better drying process and storage which improve the quality of the beans. In addition, new and faster harvest routes will increase the amount of beans collected.

As part of the tonka project we have also developed a new and exclusive product, Tonka Roasted Bean, which is certified organic by Ecocert. Tonka Roasted Bean brings new intonations of dried cocoa powder to fragrance creation as well as creating extra revenues for the local communities through the addition of this product to their portfolio.

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