Vanilla's sweet scent is associated with warmth, softness and caring, a simple and familiar scent that is indulgent and luxurious.

A member of the orchid family, vanilla needs the human touch to produce its fruit; every flower is pollinated by hand, the green pods harvested and nurtured under the sun for up to six months to produce the rich dark brown bean.

Almost 80% of the world's vanilla is sourced from Madagascar, where it is produced and collected from many villages in a complex supply chain that often involves several intermediaries.

Givaudan is collaborating with selected communities to enhance the quality of vanilla used in flavour and fragrance compositions.

These clearly identified villages depend on vanilla as their main source of income. They are at the heart of our programme to obtain product traceability and encourage adoption of best practices throughout traditional harvest and production methods. Participating communities benefit from equipment and training as well as an improved educational structure for children living there.

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