One of the most precious raw materials in perfumery, sandalwood has been known for hundreds of years for its subtle and refined woody scent.

Since 2001 Givaudan has preferred to use Australian sandalwood due to the deforestation and quality issues that threaten Indian sandalwood.

In June 2007, Givaudan signed a partnership agreement with Mount Romance, a producer of pure Australian sandalwood oil. This partnership creates a sustainable supply of a specific grade of sandalwood oil that is harvested by people from the Aboriginal communities in the southern part of Western Australia.

A premium, paid by Givaudan for the supply of the indigenous grade oil, is passed to the harvesters. The process is audited by the Songman Circle of Wisdom, an independent certification body in Australia.

A fund has also been established jointly with Mount Romance to finance equipment which helps indigenous harvesters to continually improve environmentally friendly harvesting techniques. This project provides reliable and traceable benefits along with economic and social improvements for the Australian Aboriginal communities.