Givaudan's fragrance research programmes develop new molecules and unique naturals to enrich the perfumer’s palette. Inspired by nature. Our passion for fragrance starts at a molecular level – we investigate flowers, fruits, spices and vegetation of every sort to gather ideas. 

Sometimes our research takes us literally out into the wild; ScentTrek® technology enables the scents of plants and flowers to be captured in their natural habitat, where climatic and ecological conditions contribute to their unique olfactive impression. It can even be used to replicate the luscious hedonics of an oak-aged liqueur or good Bordeaux.

We employ rigorous scientific methods to evaluate the ways that perfume ingredients behave in a product when it is used. We know that, in today's world, perfume performance is of absolute importance to brands, as well as consumers and the environment. Whenever possible, we apply the principles of green chemistry, atom economy and sustainability to all our research activities.

In 2007, in a joint venture with ChemCom SA, Givaudan established a new company, Tecnoscent, to accelerate understanding of the sense of smell. The TecnoScent project is a clear leader in the race to define how the human sense of smell works. Understanding the patterns of receptors and triggers will stimulate the design of iconic fragrance ingredients in the future.



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