What is behind the foods people love? Great taste. Unforgettable flavours. Something new that gets people talking. Sound simple? We all know it is not.

Givaudan focuses on the challenges that food and beverage companies the world over face as they go about growing their brands, and making products that consumers love. With competition growing on a global scale, brand value has never been more important. Even top brands cannot sit still in a cluttered marketplace. Companies need to continually innovate and deliver new products. And not just any product, but products with the right flavour the first time. Givaudan can help.

With the industry leading investment in R&D, Givaudan brings innovation to food and beverage products. Sensory expertise gives a scientific basis to product development and validates product investment. The result? New products that are better positioned for success.

Whether a manufacturer is a multi-national giant or going global for the first time, bringing products to the world takes know-how. Quality control. Regulatory compliance. Product consistency across borders. Givaudan has the experience to help reduce risk.

The world has been our marketplace for over 50 years. With a presence in over 40 countries and manufacturing sites in all regions, Givaudan delivers on flavour needs around the globe. Worldwide, we are also 'world-wise'. Knowledge of local tastes, respect for local laws and cultural nuance and expertise in business procedures at the local level smooth customers' global experience.


Media Release 2014-11-17

Givaudan expands flavour capabilities in Middle East

Media Release 2014-06-26

Givaudan expands flavour capabilities for ASEAN market. MORE

Media Release 2014-06-25

TasteSolutions™ Richness
Givaudan brings back real taste with the introduction of TasteSolutions™ Richness. MORE