Our IT team mission is to contribute to Givaudan's competitive advantage by developing best-in-class solutions, answering the Flavour and Fragrance Divisions' needs. Like everyone else in Givaudan, they need to invent new and effective solutions fast, to keep up with the pace of change in our industry and in our global organisation.

The IT focus in Givaudan is built on three pillars:

  • The 'Demand' team ensures alignment of IT with business strategy and priorities. It manages information system roadmaps and project portfolios;
  • The 'Solution' team delivers new services. Structured around competency centres, it maintains an in-depth knowledge of processes and applications. A Project Office provides solid project management capabilities;
  • The 'Run' team manages the global infrastructure and data centre to operate and support global applications, providing a daily, world-class IT service to the rest of the business.

As you would expect, IT teams are located locally to best support business teams on each site, while a few centres group together both global and regional experts (Cincinnati, New York, Paris, Zurich, Singapore and São Paulo).

Key roles in our IT organisation include:

  • Stream Lead, owning the information system roadmap and its alignment with business strategy
  • Project Manager, responsible for project delivery on time and budget, using Givaudan architecture and methodology standards
  • Business Analyst / Application Designer, building applications and mastering business processes
  • IT Manager, in charge of IT services for a country or a region
  • Technical Expert, designing, building and maintaining infrastructure components