The Human Resource (HR) organisation's new HR Business Partnering model is already having far-reaching and very positive impacts – on individuals and on the business.

Through this approach, our HR professionals across the world are increasingly acting as a strategic partner to the business, while ensuring HR operational excellence at the same time. We are building strong relationships with the business to understand its objectives and to provide tailored strategic support to achieve its ambitious goals.

Developing and nurturing these internal relationships is as critical to our company's performance as fostering external links with customers, vendors and shareholders.

Systems and resources are essential as well, to keep everything working like clockwork while offering a reliable infrastructure to managers and employees alike. Our HR organisation continues to provide benefits, backed by the unique know-how and best practice support of our global Centres of Expertise (CoEs) in the areas of Compensation, Benefits, People Management and HR Systems.

There is so much happening in HR in Givaudan over the next few years – it is a perfect time to be joining us and helping to shape our future and the future of our people.

The key roles in our HR organisation include:

  • HR Business Partnering
  • HR Management
  • HR Administration
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Talent Management
  • HR Systems
  • HR Change Management and Communication
  • HR Projects